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Dear HVDC Experts

On behalf of the 2018 HVDC International Conference Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you all and encourage your participation on the upcoming conference to be held in Korea from Oct. 30 until Nov. 02, 2018.

In these days, the application of HVDC technology has been increasing steadily in many regions of the world ascribed to its diverse benefits in managing electric power grid. 800kV UHVDC Transmission have been under construction to meet sharply increasing load demands in China, India and Brazil. On the other hand, HVDC systems have been also employed to provide the connection between main grid and renewable generation resources.

With these in mind, the 2018 HVDC International Conference has been organized to provide a platform where the experts around the world could share and exchange the knowledge and experiences based on their successful or failed practices. Moreover, it is highly expected tabling the possibility to construct the future Super Grid in North East Asia connecting five main regional countries such as Mongol, China, Russia, Japan and Korea. The following topics will be dealt with, however not limited:

The following topics will be dealt with, however not limited:

1) Innovation on HVDC Systems: Super Grid
2) Recent HVDC issues and advanced HVDC technologies
3) Submarine cable for super grid

This will, in turn, could lead the development of HVDC technology contributing to improve the electric energy transport with better efficiency.

We are looking forward to meeting you all at this 3rd international communication and bringing about the advanced perspective in the concerned HVDC business.

Chairman Ja-Yoon Koo

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