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Major Topic

I. Innovation on HVDC Systems: Super Grid

  • Planning and operation on HVDC systems in transmission networks
  • Multi-Terminal HVDC system / Hybrid LCC-VSC HVDC system
  • Dynamic active and reactive power control and Stability analysis of High Voltage AC system combined with HVDC system
  • Technical feasibility of super grid business in the North-East Asia
  • Economic/Legal analysis of super grid business in the North-East Asia
  • Prospects of super grid in the world

II. Recent HVDC issues and advanced HVDC technologies

  • –Novel VSC converter topologies and control
  • Hybrid LCC and VSC HVDC system design and control
  • Novel Modular Multi-Level Converter issues: design, control, protection, communication, and etc.
  • HVDC based wind farm power plant: Design, Control, Construction, and etc.
  • +/-800kV HVDC transmission system: Converters, Transformers, Cables, Construction, and etc.
  • New cable system for AC and DC operation
  • High Voltage / High Current voltage and current sensing technologies
  • HVDC simulator for system design, operation and training
  • Interference and corona and health effects
  • Communication & impact of environmental condition

Ⅲ. Submarine cable for super grid

  • Subsea and underground cables monitoring and construction
  • Double Bi-pole configuration & DC conductor bundle design
  • New materials for HVDC insulations
  • Design of HVDC and UHVDC cables: issues for space charge, reversal voltage polarity, mixed AC and DC voltage, high voltage transient
  • Life extension of HVDC cable and system
  • Partial discharge detection and analysis under high voltage AC and DC system
  • Innovative diagnostic approaches
  • 2018 International HVDC Conference in Korea Secretariat
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